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    Welcome to the world of thin lightweight masonry veneer stone.  Experience the value and visual quality of real stone when compared to seemingly inexpensive man made cast stone.  Natural stone has incomparable color, texture, and character that can only be created by nature.  Natural Stone gives you value and character for your home, landscape, or business, at a surprisingly competitive price. 

    Northern Stone Supply, Inc., the parent company of Cascade Stone Supply, produces E-Z Set™ natural stone thin veneer from our own quarries and production facilities located in Oakley, Idaho.  We also carry a wide range of high quality natural stone thin veneer products from dependable, high quality quarries and producers located throughout North America.

     At Cascade Stone Supply you will find the best collection of high quality natural stone thin veneer products to be found anywhere in the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

     Northern Stone Supply's 55 years of experience in stone quarrying and marketing internationally gives us the ability to source and develop relationships with the best and most dependable quarries and producers.  This allows us to offer our customers a full range of choices for their project.  

     With our purchasing power and organization, we can quote prices that are competitive with man made imitation stone.  We can also recommend contractors who can quote competitive prices for quality masonry craftsmanship.

     We want you to fall in love with your own natural stone for your special project.  Each piece of natural stone is unique and no two pieces look exactly alike.  A real stone job installed by a competent mason is very distinctive and stands out in its character and beauty, unlike the cookie cutter look of imitation stone that blights so much of our contemporary architecture.  Thank you for considering Cascade Stone for your project.  We look forward to being of service to you!


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